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 Executive Summary: Proposed Revisions to the SEIBR Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation

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 The Constitution and Bylaws Committee convened on June 29th to discuss potential revisions to the SEIBR Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. After completing a review of these documents, the committee identified a number of potential revisions they are recommending our membership approve during the voting period that runs from Monday, September 18th through Wednesday, September 27th. The following is a brief overview of these proposed changes:

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 • Fix an error that incorrectly identifies SEIBR as a 501 (c) 3 charity. This change will comply with IRS regulations that indicate real estate boards fall under section 501 (c) 6 and are properly classified as a business league.

• Resolve a conflict between the definitions of the membership classes in the Articles of Incorporation and SEIBR Bylaws.

• Update the language in Article VIII so SEIBR is authorized to own real property.

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 • Remove the reference to a salepersons’ license as this license category no longer exists in our state.

• Update the language on the application process for membership to remove the reference to the Membership Committee.

• Remove duplicate language regarding membership in the state and national association.

• Update the language regarding our dues billing and collection cycle.

• Raise the limit on how much debt the Board of Directors may take on without obtaining an authorization vote from the membership from $1,000 to $5,000.

• Move some references to the duties of the officers to the appropriate section of the bylaws.

• Revise the language regarding our election deadlines so there is more flexibility on when the election is held.

• Incorporate language that will explicitly allow online voting and meeting attendance by members of the Board of Directors.

• Update the list of standing committees that are mandated under the bylaws. The President and Board of Directors may still appoint additional special committees.

• Update the language regarding the appointment process to the Grievance and Professional Standards Committees.

• Remove duplicate language regarding the majority needed to approve a bylaws amendment.

• Eliminate language related to the MLS Committee in the SEIBR Bylaws because it duplicates language in the Multiple Listing Service of Southeastern Indiana Bylaws.

• Fix a few typographical errors.

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 The Constitution and Bylaws Committee has also created a redline version that shows were each proposed change was made to the bylaws. Please review to that document to see what specific language the committee is recommending that SEIBR add or removed.

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